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House Of Beef
201 North 3rd Avenue
Oakdale, CA 95361
Phone: (209) 847-5991
Fax: (209) 847-3105


Retail hours: 9:00am to 6:pm Monday thru Saturday
Restaurant hours: 10:30am to 9:00pm Monday thru Saturday with dinner starting at 4:00pm

Closed on Sunday


  1. 5-15-2013

    Do you sell gift cards?

    • 5-16-2013

      Yes we do! They are available for any denomination and you can purchase them in our restaurant or butcher shop.

      • 12-3-2015

        Can I purchase a gift card online?

        • 12-3-2015

          No, sorry Karen, we only sell them at the restaurant.

  2. 5-23-2013

    I would like to thank House of Beef and Kristina and Dwayne for the wonderful service and melt in your mouth Tri Tip and Chicken that was served at my companies function (Greenbrier Rail Services). I would definitley recommend House of Beef to anyone that asks. We will be calling on you for all of our company functions.
    They were prompt and very courteous.
    Again, thank you all for making this Retirement party a huge success.
    Lorraine Petty

    • 5-24-2013


      Thank you for the kind words! We enjoyed catering your event and look forward to many more.


  3. 10-16-2013

    I have had many animals processed at your butcher shop, and have always had a great experience. I would like to know if you are able to butcher beef with USDA process, or do you only butcher NOT FOR RESALE? If you don’t do USDA, do you have any contacts that do?

    I look forward to many more great meals from your restaurant, thank you!!!

    • 10-16-2013

      We are not a USDA processor. We have customers who get their animals processed at Yosemite Meat Co. 601 Zeff Road, Modesto, Ca. (209) 524-5117 when they are in need of inspection. Please feel free to ask any other questions I may be able to help you with. Steve Medlen

  4. 10-16-2013

    we were just at your restaurant on monday–absolutely the best hamburger ever! We also brought home a delicious strawberry-rhubarb pie. Delicious! just wonder if you sell the filling separately? Would be wonderful with ice cream–and saving the calories from the crust!

    • 10-16-2013

      Thank you very much for your positive comment. I would love to take your idea and put it on the menu but we don’t make the pies. We buy them from “The Pie Company” in Manteca. I’ll give that company your comment to see if they’ll consider selling the filling for ice cream toppers.

      Thank you, Steve

  5. 10-29-2013

    We are looking for catering to Union Hill Inn, Sonoma, Ca for a rehearsal dinner on April 11. 2014 Is this a service your company could accommodate?
    Thanks for your time!

    • 11-1-2013

      Marian, thank you for the inquiry! We have replied via email. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.


  6. 11-20-2013

    Does HOB sell cooked turkeys for the holidays?

    • 11-21-2013

      Yes we do! Please call 209-847-5991 if you have any questions or would like to place an order!

      Pork Loin Dinner – $59.95

      Feeds 8 people

      • Boneless Pork Loin w/Glaze
      • Stuffing
      • Mashed Potatoes
      • Gravy
      • Green Bean Casserole
      • Cranberry Salad
      • Rolls
      • Pie

      Glazed Ham Dinner – $59.95

      Feeds 8 people

      • Ham
      • Candied Yams
      • Green Bean Casserole
      • Cranberry Salad
      • Rolls
      • Pie

      Tri-Tip & Ravioli Dinner – $69.95

      Feeds 8 people

      • 2 Tri-Tip
      • Ravioli
      • Green Bean Casserole
      • Cranberry Salad
      • Rolls
      • Cheese

      Whole Turkey Dinner – $79.95

      Feed 8 People

      • Whole Turkey
      • Stuffing
      • Mashed Potatoes
      • Gravy
      • Green Bean Casserole
      • Cranberry Salad
      • Rolls
      • Pie

      Sliced Turkey Dinner – $79.95

      Feed 8 people

      • Boneless Sliced Turkey
      • Stuffing
      • Mashed Potatoes
      • Gravy
      • Green Bean Casserole
      • Cranberry Salad
      • Rolls
      • Pie

      Prime Rib Dinner – $129.95

      Feeds 8 – 10 people

      • Half Prime Rib Roast
      • Mashed Potatoes
      • Gravy
      • Green Bean Casserole
      • Cranberry Salad
      • Garlic Bread
      • Pie

  7. 12-12-2013

    To order a dinner for Christmas when do we need to place the order by?

    • 12-13-2013

      Jill, it is best to order early. Please give us a call at 209-847-5991 and we can discuss what you would like to order.

      Thank you!

  8. 1-4-2014

    Can you shipped ribeye steak to los angeles eith dry ice.

    • 1-5-2014

      I am sorry, we do not ship at this time. Thank you for your inquiry!

  9. 1-13-2014

    Hello, I was just wondering what options come in Personally Selected Home Freezer Orders?



    • 1-14-2014


      Thank you for your inquiry! Yes, you can customize the order to your preference all depending on the amount you wants to spend. We can cut steaks, make ground meat and roasts according to what cuts you prefers and package them to make it more convenient for your family. We also have some cuts of pork and chicken.

      Please give us a call at: 209-847-5991 for pricing.

  10. 1-16-2014


    I am getting married October 4, 2014 and I am looking for a caterer. Can we setup a time to possibly sample some options and discuss details?

    Thank you,


    • 1-16-2014


      Please call Steve at 209-847-5991 to schedule an appointment.

      Thank you!

  11. 1-17-2014

    I would like a quote for a wedding that will take place at Blooming Farms in Oakdale in October, 100 guest, buffet style. We are interested in possibly renting tables and chairs also. Thank you

    • 1-18-2014


      Please call Steve at 209-847-5991 to schedule an appointment.

      Thank you!

  12. 2-18-2014

    Thank you once again for an awesome dinner you guys catered for our company dairy tour! Everything was very good!
    Creative Genetics

    • 2-19-2014


      Thank you so much for having the House of Beef cater your event. It was such a pleasure for us.


  13. 2-28-2014

    Do you offer any grass fed beef?

    • 3-4-2014

      Tracy, sorry but we don’t at this time. If you need help in sourcing some locally, let us know and we will send you in the right direction.

  14. 3-5-2014

    Do you ship any of the meats sold in the frozen area?

    • 3-6-2014

      Sorry Gina, we don’t offer shipping at this time.

  15. 3-9-2014

    We are planning a back yard wedding in August 2014 in Sonora, Ca. for 30 – 40 people.
    Do you deliver to Sonora?
    Do you set up the buffet or do we set up and you just deliver?
    What would the price difference be for a smaller party?
    We might be interested in table and chair rental also. Do you have pricing on that too and would you deliver them?
    Thank you, Judy Smith

    • 3-10-2014


      Thank you for considering The House of Beef for your event in August. We would not be able to do a full service catering for you but would be happy to provide you with a “Get it-n-Go” meal. The price actually goes down $2.00 per person. You still get your choice of items on the menu but it is picked up by someone from your party hot in cambros (they are like ice chests but keep things hot). We can also provide the buffet set up including knives, forks, spoon, napkins, plates, chaffers, sterno and serving utensils at no extra charge. If you would be interested in this type of service just give us a call.


  16. 5-28-2014

    Hello.. I am interested in ordering 10 TriTip and 15 whole chickens for my up coming event.. could you please email me a price list..

    • 5-29-2014

      Thanks Robert! You price quote is in your email.


  17. 6-1-2014

    Hello, Can you please email me a price list for tri-tip and side dishes for 65 people for pick-up on 6/7/14? Thank you.

    • 6-3-2014

      Thanks for the request Maribeth!

  18. 6-3-2014

    My dog is on a raw diet. Do you happen to sell, organs hearts or bones of any animals. As well as turkey and chicken necks? As well as prices for them? Thank you

    • 6-4-2014

      Koda, were sorry but the only thing we have to offer is our dog bones.

  19. 6-20-2014

    Do you sell grass fed beef that is not grain finished?

    • 6-21-2014

      Suzanne, sorry but we don’t. There are a few local farmers that do and we could provide you their phone numbers if you like.


  20. 7-25-2014

    Where can I find the pdf menu??

  21. 8-2-2014

    Could I get price sent email for hind quarter

    • 8-4-2014

      Email sent George!

  22. 8-18-2014

    Can i get a price for the house special, for tri tip and chicken. For an estimated 50 people. Thank you.

  23. 8-27-2014

    When you cater, do the guests serve themselves or do servers serve the guests?

    • 8-28-2014


      Our catering prices are for self-serve buffet style. If you would like to have your guest served, we can accommodate your request for an additional service fee.

      Thank you

  24. 9-13-2014

    Hello, would you mind sending me a price on a side of beef that is cut and wrapped? I am ready to buy now.

    Thank you,

    • 9-13-2014

      Thank you for the request Mike! We emailed you the quote.

  25. 10-22-2014

    Hi, I own a restaurant in Ohio and am looking for the onion ring towers like the one pictured on your website…plastic with three areas for sauces on the bottom. Can you tell me where you purchased them or can I purchase a dozen from you? thanks for any help…Paula

  26. 3-20-2015


    Will you email or mail a gift card?


    • 3-22-2015

      Hi Josh,

      Gift cards can only be purchased at the House of Beef. We are unable to do any transactions over the phone of via mail.


  27. 3-27-2015

    I would like to bring a group of ladies for lunch in August. I’m looking at the menu for lunch and don’t see ribs. DO YOU DO RIBS FOR LUNCH?

    • 4-1-2015

      Thank you for your interest in lunch at the House of Beef. Currently we only serve ribs at dinner or after 4pm. We would be happy to accommodate you and your group if you could call ahead of time to make reservations so we can be prepared to have ribs for you. Just let us know how many and if you’d want beef or pork or both!

  28. 4-19-2015

    what is your guys number, ive been calling the number listed but it saying to enter a extension

    • 4-21-2015

      Our number is 209-847-5991 Amanda

  29. 4-22-2015

    Hello Steve I sure do miss coming over there on Friday nights for dinner but it is a long drive now from Yukon , Oklahoma .Have a good day . Jack

  30. 5-1-2015

    I would like to compare prices of meat only vs whole meals. Can someone email me about that? I don’t have time to get on the phone. Thanks

    • 5-4-2015

      Thank you for your interest in the House of Beef catering. Assuming you have already viewed our website and see the prices for the entire dinner, we can also prepare the meat by itself. Pricing for the Tri-Tip sliced into dinner or sandwich slice will cost $5.00 per person. The chicken breast (with Teriyaki or Sundried Tomato marinade) is usually cut into strips and would cost $4.00 per person. Those prices are for picking up at the House of Beef. We also will deliver for a small price if it is in town Oakdale. The meat only can also be BBQ’d on site for yet another price. Let me know if that helps you and please email back if you have more questions. Thank you

  31. 5-19-2015

    Got some of your seasonings a while ago and begining to run low on them specifically
    the good shit bull shit and those seasonings of that name……….please tell me you still carry them and what is the price

    • 5-21-2015

      Yes, will still carry all of them. The prices are:
      The Aw, Good, Special, Bull and now Chicken are all $11.99 each
      We have a new shipment coming in on Friday.
      Let me know if you need any other prices.

  32. 7-14-2015

    Would House of Beef be interested in sponsoring a local youth event with Valley Baseball Academy? We are looking for a couple of local business to help support a small summer event for the kids in the community. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!

    • 7-15-2015

      Chris, we would be happy to discuss this with you.

      All request for donations must be submitted personally at the House of Beef.



  33. 7-28-2015

    I have an event with 50 ppl later this summer. I’d like to order a combination of tri-tip and chicken to feed the group and pick it up the day of the event. Can you send me prices/procedures? Thanks.

    • 7-30-2015

      Hi Sue,

      You should have received the info via your email.


  34. 11-8-2015

    Would you please send me the menus for Thanksgiving Dinner? When will they be available for pick up? We are hungry already! ; ). Thank you.

    • 11-10-2015

      Sent the email today 🙂

  35. 4-15-2016

    I would like say. HOUSE OF BEEF is the best place around. Your waitress are some of the best. My brother and I went to there for lunch today. April 15th. The service was out of this world the best. The three waitress that were there paid for our lunch in honor of my brother being a Vietnam Vet. Thank You, for showing your pride in our Country and in our Vets. Once again Thank you. And Yes the food was also good.

    • 4-17-2016

      Thank you Carol! It was an honor to have you and your brother at the House of Beef.

  36. 5-23-2016

    I am planning a wedding for April of 2017 at our home in La Grange/Coulterville, do you guys cater in this area? We would really love to use you guys!

    Thank you!

    • 5-24-2016

      Thank you Danielle, we sent our reply via email.


  37. 10-1-2017

    My wife and I stopped in Saturday around 4:30 to purchase some meat. i just wanted to drop a note to tell you about our experience. The women that helped us with our purchases was the most helpful, informative, professional, courteous and a wonderfully nice person. Wow, what great customer service she provided. It is refreshing to have a meat shopping experience when somebody genuinely likes her job which in turn made us happy with our experience. Thanks

    • 10-3-2017

      Thank you, so much “Chilibrown”! We certainly appreciate your kind words and will pass on your compliments to our staff 🙂

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