House of Beef Processing Smoking

We Offer:

  • Processing We provide custom cutting your way for your beef, pork or lamb!
  • Smoking and CuringWe will smoke your ham and bacon  here at our facility  in our own mico-processor. We also smoke turkeys and fish!
  • USDA Approved Custom order USDA Choice Beef!
  • Half/Hind Quarters 1/2 Beef weighing approx. 300lbs starting weight or Hind Qtr weighing approx. 150lbs start weight!

Use our convenient House of Beef  cut sheet so you can fill out and call us with your preferences- Cutting Instructions


Wild Game Processing


Wild Game Processing Prices 2012

Wild Hogs – Deer – Antelope $110.00
Elk and Bear $210.00
Skinning charge:
Deer $40.00
Elk $65.00 ($75.00 if cut into quarters)
Bear rug $100.00
Capping Sheep $60.00
Contamination Fee:
Deer $25.00
Elk or Bear $60.00 to $75.00
Add Beef or Pork to Ground meat Beef $2.99 lb  Pork $2.49 lb
Jerky $12.00 lb on finished weight
Salami $3.50 lb on finished weight
Snack sticks $8.50 lb on finished weight
Sausage sticks $8.50 lb on finished weight
Sausage links $2.99 lb on finished weight
Sausage flavors: Apple, Cheddar, Italian, Linguica
Sausage will have pork added by half
Jerky start weight will shrink by 2/3
Salami will have pork added by 1/3
Snack sticks will shrink by 50%
Smoked Fish
0 – 10 lbs $25.00
11 – 20 lbs $35.00
Over 20 lbs $1.75 lb


After business hours: call “Butch” at 209-765-3027




  1. 7-31-2013

    I was wondering what you charge per lb. for cut and wrap of a pig, and how it is wrapped? I will be looking to butcher 2 pigs in the next couple weeks.
    Thank you,
    Thys Schurer

    • 8-5-2013

      Thank you for your inquiry! We are sending you a price quote via email.

  2. 9-11-2013

    I am hoping to bring two elk in at the end of Sept. Do we need to call ahead? What kind of wrapping do you offer? They will be quartered probably with cape on. Brian

    • 9-12-2013


      Thank you for the inquiry! Here is the information requested with current (2013 season) prices:

      You can call on your way back when you get close to Oakdale. If you come back Monday thru Saturday the number to call is 209-847-5991 and most any employee can help you. If it is a Sunday the number to call is 209-765-3027 and ask for Butch. Elk processing is $210.00 and to remove cape will be another $75.00 (if quartered). We COV (air tight clear bags) everything according to your instructions. We also do special products; Jerky ($12.00lb), Salami ($3.50lb), Snack Sticks ($8.50lb) and Sausage Links ($2.99lb) all calculated on the finished weight of the special product you want.

  3. 2-5-2014

    Hi we have ordered a side of beef through u guys a couple of times now and in about two weeks we will be coming in to order again. I cant remeber the full price for that so wanted to get a quote. We were thinking about doing a half and a quarter this time since are family has expanded since the last order. I wanted to get a quote for that to. We were looking for around 450 to 500 lbs total. U can email everything to me, thank u.

    • 2-5-2014


      Email is on its way! Thank you for the inquiry!

  4. 2-27-2014

    We are looking into buying either a side of beef or a hindquarter. Can you please send me a price quote? Thank you so much!!

    • 2-27-2014

      Holly, thank you for the inquiry! We sent the pries via email

  5. 4-6-2014

    Can you please send me price info for butchered meats? Beef, chicken, pork, fish. I am looking for large freezer quantities. I don’t have to provide the animals do I? I look forward to your response.

    • 4-7-2014


      Thank you for the inquiry! We have sent you the prices via email.


  6. 6-23-2014

    Can I have a price sheet emailed to me as well?? Thank you!

  7. 5-24-2015

    I am looking to get a 1/2 beef .cost out the door?

    • 5-26-2015

      Thank you for your interest in the House of Beef. The cost of half a beef is $4.29 per pound. The customer is charged on the hanging weight which is around 375lbs per half, it is then cut and wrapped to the customers specific instructions which will result in bone and fat loss. The weight going out the door is approximately 30% to 35% less then it started. So the cost out the door is approximately $1608.75. It takes close to 3 weeks from time of ordering until the finished product. No money is needed until it is cut, wrapped, frozen and boxed ready for your home freezer. At the time of pick up the entire amount will be due.

      I hope that answers your question and if you have any other concerns please call 209-847-5991.

  8. 4-5-2016

    I would like to purchase a 1/2 of beef within the next couple of weeks. Can you send me approx. cost and include what types and how many cuts /lbs are included with a half? Do you also sell 1/4? I have another family member that is interested but does not have the freezer space for more than a 1/4 beef.. Thank you

    • 4-6-2016

      Thank you Becca! We sent you a quote via email.

      • 7-22-2017

        Can you please send me the same information you sent to Becca please. For both 1/2 & 1/4.

  9. 8-5-2017

    What cut of the hog is the cottage bacon made from and do you sell over the counter?

    • 8-9-2017

      Chuck, the cottage bacon comes from the pork shoulder and we only offer it with whole hog processing.

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