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How it all started…

Steve and Cindi Medlen’s founded House of Beef on April 2, 1979. Steve is a 3rd generation meat processor who learned the trade from his father and uncles. The House of Beef began as a custom meat processing and ranch butchering plant that quickly gained reputation for quality workmanship.

In the mid 1980’s Steve built his first BBQ on wheels and began barbequing steaks, ribs and chicken at local events. Ever expanding, by 1989 House of Beef included a state of the art smoke house, a vacuum tumbler used for tenderizing meat, and additional meat packing equipment. By this time, Steve was able to provide an entire food service program to the community, including a complete kitchen for full-service catering. Steve also managed to coral his son Butch and dust the fur and feathers off him from ridin’ cattle & hogs and chasing chickens, to help fire up the grills and cut & cook ’em.

Steve didn’t stop there. He realized a need for diversity in the Oakdale area and began to barbeque on the street each Friday night. The hearty aroma of  tri-tip, ribs and chicken slow cooked over mesquite spread rapidly through the streets of Oakdale. Steve’s reputation for excellent food and service spread faster yet, from the Bay Area to the Sierras beyond.

By the late 1990’s Steve had a complete food processing facility, a second kitchen, and the resturant you see today. Steve remains true to his roots and continues to offer full-service meat processing such as custom smoking & curing of ham, bacon, fish and poultry, the processing of custom ranch-raised animals, and providing USDA Choice meats for home use and large social events.

Medlen’s House of Beef now offers all-inclusive catering and the resturant has become famous for it’s huge tri-tip sandwiches and USDA Choice steaks and ribs. But the Medlens have not forgotten that they got their start by providing quality meat processing for the local community. Steve is proud to continue his family’s tradition of


The entire Medlen family would like to thank you for your business.



  1. 12-2-2012

    I have travelled the world and Steve and Cindi Medlens House of Beef is, by far, the best steak house I’ve ever visited. Dallas, St Louis, Memphis, Kansas City, Oklahoma City and all of the Deep South; No match. Rib Eye, all the sides, garlic bread and an order of Oysters are a must in your Bucket List. Not to mention the best staff in the industry. I just left, am stuffed to the hilt and I’m ready to go back.

    Jake Zimmeht, CEO
    Alternative Insurance Solutions, Pantheon Insurance Services.

  2. 10-6-2013

    I use to work for Steve and Cindy as a meat wrapper. They taught me great work ethic that I will have to my dyeing day. I’m now one of very few women butcher and meat managers in Reno NV, I owe them so much!!!! Love you Steve & Cindy . Love Missy

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